MAFS groom David hits out at Channel Nine over 'clever editing'

Kristine Tarbert
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MAFS groom David has hit out at the show's editing. Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight’s most controversial couple David Cannon and Hayley Vernon are going blow to blow as their relationship continues to implode on our screens.

Truck driver David has hit out at the reality TV show for its clever editing in a leaked video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, claiming he has been given a rough go so far.

“I just wanted to thank all my friends for seeing through the bulls*** and clever editing,” he starts off in the bedside rant.

“So far I’ve copped a bit of a rough edit but I’m just going to stay quiet and the truth will be told sooner or later.

“I’ve got bigger and better things to worry about than this s*** show. I know I’m getting slammed online but momentum is shifting and people are starting to see through Hayley’s bulls***,” he concluded.

This is the second time David has shared his thoughts in a video, after he made explosive claims about his ‘fake’ wife in another clip published by New Idea.

Hayley however was quick to hit back at David’s claims she was still a drug user, revealing to the Daily Mail that she was tested before the show.

“The executive producer [Tara McWilliams] gave me drug tests and a full blood test, all of which came back negative,” Hayley told the publication.

MAFS Hayley spotted kissing fellow bride

Despite currently still being married to her on-screen husbands, Hayley was recently spotted locking lips in a steamy kiss with fellow Married at First Sight participant Poppy Jenkins.

Pictures taken last month show Hayley and Poppy making out at the Chelsea Hotel in Sydney, sparking rumours neither are still with their ‘expertly’ matched partner.

Mishel was with the pair on the night out however and confirmed Poppy and Hayley are not a couple and said the kiss was likely a staged photo opportunity.

“We were having a drink that night,” she told hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt on Tuesday, adding she had stepped out and missed the pash itself but the pair definitely didn’t take their smooching home.

“That was probably a staged opportunity. Poppy is definitely heterosexual and I’m pretty sure Hayley is also.”

Hayley and Popper were spotted making out recently. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

Hayley drops major MAFS spoiler

The reality show was filmed late last year, but Hayley had already let slip she and David are definitely not together when she appeared on the Today show.

Letting drop the major spoiler, she spoke too soon about the major row the pair would have on their honeymoon.

“Do you like him?” Ally asked the former drug-addict and current bodybuilder.

“I did like him,” Hayley responded, in a tense that Karl was quick to pick up on.

“You did?” he clarified.

“I did like him a lot. Tonight you will see that stuff happens. I said too much, didn't I?” she added, referring to their honeymoon blow up over David’s income.

Hayley Vernon is one of the more outspoken contestants. Photo: Channel Nine

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