MAFS Australia sees two more couples quit

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MAFS Australia sees two more couples quitNine Network - Channel 4

Married at First Sight Australia has seen two more couples exit the experiment during an emotionally-charged commitment ceremony.

As the experiment entered its penultimate week, tonight's (April 15) episode saw the couples check-in with the experts.

First up on the couch were Sara and Tim, who had spent the week rebuilding their relationship after the revelation that Sara had been in contact with an ex left Tim wanting to quit the experiment.

Sara took the moment to apologise publicly to Tim for her actions, telling him she was "deeply sorry" for hurting him, before the couple both opted to stay.

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After Timothy's vulnerable moment at the dinner party, he and Lucinda appeared to be stronger than ever - with the couple opting to stay. Jono then gave an update on spending the week without Lauren - who had temporarily left for emergency surgery - before the couple both agreed to stay.

Jade and Ridge also decided to stay after another strong week for the pair, with Jade revealing she had been touched by Ridge's maturity in building a relationship with her daughter.

However it was the end of the road for Cassandra and Tristan who mutually decided to exit the experiment as friends after weeks of being unable to get on the same page in their relationship.

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For Jack and Tori, expert John Aiken desperately tried to understand where the pair stood with each other, as well as urging Tori not to disregard what other people were saying about her husband.

"The things he says and does - are him," Mel Schilling added. "He's showing you who he is."

Despite hearing to John's grilling and the concerns from the rest of the group, Tori remained adamant that her relationship was genuine - with the pair both choosing to stay.

"There are behaviours in your relationship, that don't match what you're saying about your feelings," John warned the pair.

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Jayden and Eden also opted to stay in the experiment, but not before Jayden revealed the serious doubts he'd been left with after an argument.

"I don't know if Eden is everything that I thought," he said, telling John that he had been left feeling like he wasn't good enough for her. Eden was left shocked by his heartfelt revelation, insisting to her husband that she was into him.

Last up were Andrea and Richard, who both appeared broken on the couch as they accepted their marriage had ended after failing to reignite the spark from their wedding day.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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