MAFS Australia groom faces in-law backlash on wedding day

ellie and ben on married at first sight australia season 11
MAFS Australia groom faces in-law backlashChannel 4

Married at First Sight Australia spoilers follow.

As Married at First Sight Australia has introduced a new couple, the bride's cousin's doubts have cast a shadow on the big day.

The Aussie version of the show has added new pair Ben and Ellie in tonight's (February 29) episode for viewers in the UK.

After being broken up with a few months before her wedding years ago, 32-year-old nurse Ellie was now ready to say "I do" and start a family. As for the groom, 39-year-old travel guide Ben decided to shift his priorities after a close friend's death and find a long-term partner.

ellie and ben on married at first sight australia season 11
Channel 4

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Despite clicking when meeting at the altar, Ben and Ellie had to deal with some roasting from her protective cousin Jordan.

During the wedding party, Jordan was determined to quiz Ben about his motives, fearing he might have signed up to the experiment to promote his travel podcast and guide business.

Jordan didn't mince his words when addressing his concerns in a one-on-one chat with Ben.

"You're just here for fame," Jordan told Ben, who replied: "It makes sense why you'd reach these conclusions."

Ben called achieving success from the show a "silver lining", not shutting down the idea that he would enjoy having a greater listening base as a result of appearing on the programme.

"Base me on my actions," he then asked Jordan, who concluded with: "I don't believe him."

ellie and ben on married at first sight australia season 11
Channel 4

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Jordan shared his thoughts with Ellie during the party, and she admitted feeling "a bit nervous" and in "shock" as she processed the news.

Later on, Ben tried to appease his in-laws' worries by giving a speech, elaborating on his reasons for joining the experiment.

The groom expressed his "excitement" for the unknown, citing that feeling as the main motivation for being on the show.

"Why do you want to do a podcast? I love the excitement," he added, before toasting to "Why nots" and giving a shoutout to Ellie, who's going along on this journey with him.

While Jordan said he'd look forward to seeing "some good green flags in the future", viewers had mixed reactions to his roasting of Ben.

"Oh enough Jordan. Talk about raining on your cousin's parade. Too judgemental. Ben may just have a quirky personality," one person wrote on Twitter/X.

"Ben, you're not helping yourself. I still don't like cousins, but Ben, are you here for your podcast!!!" another MAFS fan shared.

"Was just about to slate the meddling cousin, as there's always a family member that gets too f**king involved with the bride/groom's business, but the way Ben is answering them questions is making me sus now too," was another comment.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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