MAFS Australia confirms more cast exits in latest episode

Married at First Sight Australia spoilers follow.

Tuesday's (March 5) episode of Married at First Sight Australia saw Natalie Parham and Collins Christian quit the experiment during a tense first dinner party.

The couple's departure marks the second withdrawal of the series, after Michael Felix was forced to leave when his match Simon chose to exit the show after the bucks' night.

Shortly after the dinner party began, Natalie and Collins were already seen outside arguing, after the bride appeared visibly disheartened following the lack of romance on their honeymoon.

"You were kinda sour though, sitting on the couch if I'm being honest," said Collins. "You just kinda bad-mouthed our honeymoon."

natalie and collins look upset as they attend a dinner party on married at first sight australia
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"This is just horrible. It just doesn't feel real and right. I'd rather him be honest than just put this mask on," Natalie explained. "I really wanted this to work. I wanted this just to be my happily ever after. I wanted to show us off to everybody, but I need a relationship with honesty and communication."

Collins, who was shocked by Natalie's decision, said: "It didn't even begin and my MAFS journey is over. I cancelled everything. Oh God, do I have to go back to work tomorrow?"

The newlyweds then returned to the table to announce their departure from the show, sparking shocked reactions from the rest of the cast.

"I'm not being my happy, bubbly self. Being here has been a big challenge for me, I just wanted to come and say goodbye," said an upset Natalie.

natalie and collins sit at a table talking on married at first sight australia
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"I just want to say, before you guys come up, um it's really tough, but look, we're all here for love, right?" Collins added.

However, Collins' speech didn't go down well with his co-stars, with Lauren saying: "Was he acting? It was like he was going for an Academy Award."

Jayden added: "There's a lot of fake tears coming from Collins."

Following Natalie and Collins' departure, will it be plain sailing for the rest of the couples?

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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