MAFS Australia cast left reeling over disturbing allegation

tori and jack married at first sight season 11
MAFS Australia cast reeling over disturbing claimChannel 4

Married At First Sight Australia has seen Lauren Dunn publicly call out Jack Dunley's sexist attitude at this season's third dinner party.

Tonight's (March 21) episode on E4 marked the first time the original couples met the new three pairs of newlyweds.

An upsetting revelation was lurking around the corner for Tori Adams as Lauren was determined to let her know what her husband Jack had been saying behind her back.

Calling her co-star a "misogynist," Lauren told producers she'd heard a rumour from her husband Jono McCullough about Jack discussing a couple swap.

tori and jack married at first sight season 11
Channel 4

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According to Lauren's claims, Jack told the other men that whoever is paired up with Tori during couple swap could sleep with her.

"I don't think that Tori knows what's been said, but she deserves to know," Lauren maintained before the dinner started.

At the party, Sara Mesa and Lauren approached Tori to let her in on Jack's alleged comments. Lauren also said that Jack often tells his pals he's not attracted to Tori when she's not in the room.

Seeing Tori upset, Jack pressured Lauren, with the situation escalating quickly.

Jack insisted that his couple swap comment was intended as "a joke" but refused to repeat it as he believed it was "inappropriate at the dinner table".

"If it's inappropriate at the dinner table, it's inappropriate between men," Sara chimed in.

When Jack's words were finally shared with all brides and grooms, all couples look equally shocked.

"That's a horrible joke," Cassandra Allen said, joined by other women who firmly condemned Jack's quip.

married at first sight season 11
Channel 4

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"The banter we had, I had with my wife," Jack defended himself, looking at Tori, who nodded.

"If he says it was a joke, I'm gonna take it as a joke," she later told the cameras, insisting she and Jack both enjoy "dark" humour.

Convinced that Jono had broken "bro code", Jack quizzed him about his attraction to Tori.

"You said, 'We don't have a sexual spark,'" Jono offered.

As Jack continued denying the rumours, he grew irritated at Lauren and Jono, asking his friend to "muzzle" his wife, facing backlash from the experts and his co-stars alike.

All the men put a united front in criticising Jack, whilst Jono ultimately failed to support Lauren and sided with Jack.

"You really could've backed me there," Lauren told Jono later on.

Jono ultimately admitted he agreed with Jack despite knowing he was lying, and accused his wife of stirring the pot, leaving her no choice but to abandon the party.

Jack's behaviour at couples' dinner follows his photo-ranking challenge remarks, deemed problematic by viewers. Judging by next episode's preview, it appears that the groom will have to answer to experts Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla for his sexist tirade.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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