MAFS stars rally around dumped groom

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MAFS groom Luke Eglin tears up after learning that his 'wife' Poppy Jenkins had quit the show. Photo: Channel Nine.

Married At First Sight has lost its first couple of the season, with bride Poppy Jenkins dumping her husband Luke Eglin and quitting the show on Monday night’s episode.

The 38-year-old mum of two’s dramatic exit left groom Luke, 39, ‘devastated’ and teary, admitting that he truly believed the pair had the potential to find their ‘happy ending’.

The fly-in-fly-out worker, who is himself a father of two, has received an outpouring of support and well-wishes from MAFS viewers and from his fellow stars.

Luke left his gold wedding band behind after his wife Poppy dumped him. Photo: Channel Nine.

MAFS stars rally around Luke Eglin

Several of Luke’s former castmates took to the comments section of his most recent Instagram post, which featured a photo of the gold wedding band he’d left on a bed before departing the programme.

“I’m excited to meet day,” he captioned the mournful snap.

“All the best legend,” wrote Mikey Pembroke, who is married to Natasha Spencer.

“Lots of love,” said Jonethen Musulin while his wife Connie Crayden posted a single blue love heart.

Poppy and Luke on their wedding day. Photo: Channel Nine.

Luke also received lots of love and encouragement from fans.

“You will meet the one! You're a great guy Luke,” wrote one.

“Did yourself proud mate!” praised another.

“I’m crying,” said a sad viewer.

Poppy ‘a let down’

The same can’t be said about the sentiment toward Luke’s runaway bride, Poppy, who copped a lot of heat on social media for her ‘super disappointing’ move.

Despite saying she ‘didn’t want to leave on bad terms’ or ‘give up too easily’ it fell to a MAFS producer to inform Luke that Poppy had left him, leaving viewers outraged.

“That’s super disappointing! Poppy did not try at all. I really feel for Luke, that’s got to be a kick in the guts. What a letdown,” one wrote.

“I’m sorry but Poppy knew what she was doing when she applied for the show, she knew that she would have to leave her children! Poor Luke didn’t deserve to be messed around like that! She didn’t even say goodbye or sorry to him!” said another.

One fan went as far as to argue that Poppy never had feelings for her husband and used her twins as an ‘excuse to leave’.

“Awww Poppy admit it you never liked Luke and used your kids as an excuse to leave, boohoo,” they wrote.

Luke and Lizzie?

Viewers were keen to see Luke coupled up as soon as possible, with many suggesting MAFS producers set him up with one participant in particular: intruder Lizzie Sobinoff.

“OMG Poppy is leaving??!! Well thank f*** for that - there is a God. However, Luke got ripped off and needs another chance... is this where Lizzie reappears????” speculate done.

Others want Luke to jump ship to Channel 10 and look for love on The Bachelor in 2020.

“Luke for next Bachelor please, channel 10! We need to find this man love!” they urged.

Poppy’s cold feet

In true MAFS style, this year’s offering kicked off with a bang courtesy of bride Poppy who almost walked out of her wedding reception.

After tying the knot with lonely heart Luke, the newlywed broke down in tears, revealing she was missing her twin boys.

Earlier in the show, she opened up about her disastrous first marriage to a husband who cheated on her when their twins were just six-weeks-old.

Just last week, photos emerged of Poppy and fellow bride Hayley Vernon - who is married to trucker Dave Cannon - sharing a passionate kiss while on a wild night out.

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