Macron urges Netanyahu to ‘bring to conclusion’ talks with Hamas

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to continue negotiations with the Hamas terrorists regarding the release of hostages, AFP reported on May 5.

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Macron and Netanyahu held a phone conversation, where the French president urged the Israeli premier to "bring to conclusion" the talks with Hamas.

"France fully supports the ongoing mediation efforts. The fate of Palestinians in Gaza must no longer be dependent on the terrorist activities of Hamas, and Israeli operations must cease," a statement from the Élysée Palace said, European Pravda reported.

Macron also expressed disagreement with the Israeli advance on Rafah and believes that there is an urgent need to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza through all access points.

Ceasefire and hostage release negotiations

Negotiations between Israel and Hamas for a ceasefire in the Gaza sector and possible hostage release had reached an impasse, reports indicated on Feb. 29.

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Negotiations for a ceasefire in the Gaza sector are ongoing, and the parties are discussing a proposal to halt fire for six months, the coordinator for strategic communications at the US National Security Council, John Kirby, reported on March 1.

Israel sent a new delegation to Egypt to review another proposal for hostage release on March 31.

Hamas rejected Israel's proposal for a temporary ceasefire and hostage exchange, demanding a full withdrawal of troops from Gaza, Israeli media reported on April 14.

Ceasefire and hostage release negotiations between Israel and Hamas are "almost frozen," NBC News reported on April 17.

Ceasefire negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas could lead to an agreement in the coming days, but details will be clarified during additional discussions. Progress was made during this latest meeting in developing the technical aspects of a potential agreement, CNN reported on May 4.

However, an additional week of negotiations may be needed to finalize the agreement, two Israeli sources reported.

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