Macron tries to battle back against far-right National Rally party ahead of EU elections

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron is stepping up pressure on his lieutenants ahead of European elections as the far-right National Rally continues to gain momentum, Politico reported.

Macron's plan for tackling the National Rally’s continuing rise in the run-up to EU elections was to dramatize the fight against the far-right party by emphasizing the clash of ideologies and the Russian threat, several French officials noted.

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While aiming to motivate those planning to abstain from voting and mobilize supporters, Macron hopes to dissuade voters from turning to rival pro-European candidates such as the Socialist Raphaël Glucksmann and the ecologists.

Recent polls suggest that the strategy has yet to pay off, causing some concern for the French President.

The far-right National Rally headed by Jordan Bardella, are at 30 percent support, while 21 percent favor Macron’s Renew coalition, with Glucksmann polling at 11 percent, a recent IFOP poll showed.

Elections to the European Parliament - What is Known?

Elections to the European Parliament will be held throughout the EU from June 6 to 9, 2024. These elections will be the tenth in the history of the EU.

European elections are held every five years.

The first European Parliament was elected in 1979.

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