Macron dismisses Russia’s ‘ridiculous’ remarks suggesting Paris had a role in Moscow attack

French President Emmanuel Macron dismissed Thursday as “ridiculous” Russia's defense minister's remarks suggesting Ukraine and France could had a role in last month's deadly Moscow concert hall attack.

Macron's comments came a day after a rare phone call between the French and Russian defense ministers that led to diverging media statements afterward.

A statement from the Russian Defense Ministry quoted Sergei Shoigu as telling his French counterpart in regard to the Moscow attack that “the Kyiv regime does nothing without approval of its Western handlers" and “we hope that the French special services weren’t involved in it.”

Macron said such comments “were indeed baroque and threatening, which is nothing new,” as he was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the inauguration of a swimming pool built for the Paris Olympics in a northern suburb of Paris.

“In other words, it's ridiculous,” Macron added.

“It makes no sense and doesn’t fit with reality” to say that France “could be behind it (the Moscow attack) and that the Ukrainians are behind it,” he said. “But it’s a manipulation of information, which is part of Russia’s arsenal of warfare today.”

Lecornu “confirmed that France had no information linking this attack to Ukraine," the statement said.


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