Macca's workers reveal 'behind the counter' secrets

Disgruntled McDonald’s workers from around the world have taken to web to air their grievances.

Popular social networking platform Reddit, is now hosting the ‘McLounge’, an online hub of hilarious, bizarre and brutally honest accounts from behind the counter.

One employee described a shift spent vomiting in the toilets between taking orders.

“On just my fourth shift and about two hours into it, I suddenly had to run to the toilet and began throwing up… I told my manager what had happened, to which he replied ‘well what do you want me to do about it, I need you here’” She wrote.

The unnamed employee revealed that she “ran to the toilet” at least eight times in three hours before being allowed to leave.

“My manager refused to send me home, and even yelled at me at one point for having to run to the bathroom and leave him”.

New employers also use the forum to ask for help and advice from “lifers”, prison slang used to refer to long-term McDonald’s workers.

Questions range from cracking eggs to perfecting the McFlurry. Some Redditers even seek legal advice.

A Canadian employee was lumped with a $175 bill after unknowingly accepting counterfeit American cash.

“These two guys come in and say they got back from a trip to the states and can they make a few small transactions to change their sevens $20's” adding, “I know I was really dumb.”

He goes on to explain how his franchise is holding him responsibility for the fraud, despite receiving no “official training” in how to detect counterfeit money.

“My only thought was that maybe they have some sort of insurance for stuff like this and wouldn't they have a duty to inform at least the other lower managers”.

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But it seems not all McDonald’s employees are fed-up with the fast food chain.

Innovative workers at an anonymous Australian outlet turned their rat infestation into an after hours racing tournament.

Merivale McDonalds on Papanui Road, in Christchurch.
Merivale McDonalds on Papanui Road, in Christchurch.

“When I use to work at Maccas we use to have so many rats running around that we'd have rat races when we were on closing shift.” He said, conceding, “I haven't eaten McDonald's since I quit”.

Employees are divided on eating at the Golden Arches. Some users insist the food makes them “want to gag”, while others “can’t stop craving French fries”.

One McLounge thread is entirely reserved for employees original recipes. Here users share their strange left-over creations including the “Heart Clogger 300”.

The burger nugget combination includes an “Angus bun with mayo, ketchup, mustard, 3 cheese slices, 2 Angus patties, bacon, 3 nuggets and a mchicken patty.”

Reddit is quickly becoming a hive of worker rage, with similar ‘sub-reddits’ including the eye-opening ‘Tales from Retail’.

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