Melbourne Zoo's missing macaw found

A blue-and-gold macaw has been found in suburban Melbourne after spending a day on the loose from the city's zoo.

The 19-year-old parrot, named Goldie, was released from Melbourne Zoo for her daily flight on Wednesday afternoon and didn't come back when keepers called her home.

The zoo urged the public to help them find the bird, believing she might have roosted in a tree overnight.

She was found in the western suburbs on Thursday about 1pm, with keepers bringing her home thereafter.

"The zoo thanks the public for their help in looking out for Goldie, who is now under observation to ensure all is well after her night away," Melbourne Zoo said in a statement.

Goldie's mate, a three-year-old macaw, had also set off for a daily flight on Wednesday but had returned to the zoo before the sun went down.

Blue-and-gold macaws are a multicoloured South American species that can live up to 40 years in captivity.