M&M’S Releases New Easter Flavor with White and Dark Chocolate Pieces

The Mars spring candy lineup includes Easter Sundae M&M’S, Skittles jelly beans and bunny-shaped Life Savers Gummies

<p>Courtesy of Mars</p> Easter Sundae M&M

Courtesy of Mars

Easter Sundae M&M'S

Mars wants to make sure you have an eggcellent Easter.

The candy makers revealed their lineup of new and returning spring candies. Most of the sweets stay true to their original flavors but get a limited-edition color and shape for Easter — but there is one new addition.

The Easter Sundae M&M’S pack a variety of flavors into each piece. The brand new treats have a white chocolate center with vanilla ice cream and cherry notes, and are surrounded in a dark chocolate coating.

<p>Courtesy of Mars</p> Mars Easter candies

Courtesy of Mars

Mars Easter candies

For fans of the classic Mars candies, there are plenty of Easter twists on the traditional treats. Plain and Peanut M&M’s get a springy look by swapping out the classic colors for a pastel palette. The Peanut Butter M&M’s Eggs have a different colorway and, as the name suggests, are egg-shaped.

Skittles, Starburst and Life Savers all have gummies for anyone sick of chocolate. Each bag of Life Savers Bunnies and Eggs Gummies has three shapes inside: an egg, a bunny and an egg with a bunny poking out. Starburst and Skittles jelly bean bags are also back for the holiday.

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<p>Wendy's</p> Wendy's orange dreamsicle Frosty


Wendy's orange dreamsicle Frosty

Wendy's is ready for spring, too. The fast food chain announced a seasonal frosty flavor available on March 19: orange dreamsicle.

The new treat combine's Wendy’s vanilla Frosty with orange cream. It will replace the vanilla Frosty temporarily and join the chocolate Frosty on the menu. 

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