'Lying addiction': Woman jailed for faking breast cancer

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A woman will serve 18 months behind bars after she defrauded non-profit organisations by pretending to have muscular dystrophy and breast cancer.

Sarah Delashmit, 36, from the US state of Illinois pleaded guilty in October to multiple fraud charges.

She must pay a A$1,620 fine, forfeit items she received and pay about $9,850 in restitution. After her release, she must serve three years of court supervision.

US District Court Judge Staci Yandle said in a sentencing hearing earlier this month Delashmit “deceived and manipulated individuals and families facing terminal illness and debilitating disorders, and non-profit organisations and volunteers who serve those individuals”.

“She accepted donations and allowed volunteers to care for her when she did not need or deserve that care,” Ms Yandle said.

Sarah Delashmit, 36, is pictured.
Sarah Delashmit, 36, will serve 18 months' jail for lying about having cancer. Source: Dr Phil

“She took resources from those who did.”

Authorities say the offences took place between 2015 and 2019, but evidence at the hearing showed she’d participated in similar hoaxes back to 2006.

Woman admits she has a ‘lying addiction’ in TV interview

In 2019, Delashmit told the TV show Dr Phil that she had a “lying addiction.”

“I’ve done all kinds of extreme measures to make my life seem more exciting,” she told the program.

“Growing up you always want to have that perfect life. All my friends were getting married, and it made me feel left out.”

Sarah Delashmit, 36, is pictured in a wheelchair.
Delashmit used a wheelchair to pretend she had muscular dystrophy. Source: Dr Phil

She added at about age 25 she first told people she had cancer and used an online support group to meet people. Delashmit also utilised a wheelchair and wigs to support her claims.

“By lying I was getting attention,” she said.

Delashmit told the program lying was beginning to ruin her life and she needed to stop.

Her former friends who were deceived by Delashmit called her a “master manipulator” and accused her of ruining their lives.

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