Lupita Nyong'o still went to Taylor Swift and Beyonce concerts despite being on vocal rest

Lupita Nyong'o still went to see Beyonce and Taylor Swift in concert while on vocal rest.

The 41-year-old actress recently revealed she had injured her vocal cords during her time working on upcoming animated movie 'The Wild Robot', and she ended up having to wear a badge to let other fans know why she was keeping quiet at the shows.

Appearing on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers', she said: "Sometimes people, fans thought I was being rude because I wouldn't say anything. I'd just be like, [striking a pose].

"So, then, I just thought, okay, let me let people know what's going on and that way they'll have sympathy for me instead of hatred."

In the new DreamWorks Animation film, Lupita voices title character Roz, who is a robot shipwrecked on an uninhabited island.

Her artistic choices for the role impacted her vocal cords, and she ended up on vocal rest for months as a result of her "super positive voice" in a much higher register to her own.

She explained: "Well, okay, so, she's a robot. And she goes through this journey to finding, I guess, what we would call humanity, like empathy.

"And so, at the start of the movie, I chose to do this very kind of like super positive voice. And it was just not in my local register, which is a lot lower.

"And so, I did it for way too long over a number of days, and I got a vocal polyp. And so, I lost my ability to speak.

"And my doctor put me on vocal rest. I was on vocal rest for three months."

The 'A Quiet Place: Day One' actress wanted to avoid undergoing surgery, especially after being told by her doctor that 35 percent of people recover naturally.

She added: "And I was so determined to be part of that 35 percent. And I did. I cured myself."