Lucy Spraggan pays tribute to ‘hero’ Robbie Williams after hitting career milestone

Lucy Spraggan pays tribute to ‘hero’ Robbie Williams after hitting career milestone

Lucy Spraggan has paid tribute to her “hero” Robbie Williams in an extended post after supporting him in a live performance.

The singer-songwriter, 32, first became known to many after appearing on the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012.

Despite being one of the season’s most popular performers, Spraggan withdrew from the competition in the fifth week of the live rounds.

At the time, her departure and absence from the previous week’s show was explained as being due to ill health, but in July, the “Last Night” singer revealed that she had been raped by a hotel worker following a night out, and left the programme as a result of the traumatic event.

On Monday (28 August), Spraggan shared a picture of herself with Williams at his concert at the Sandringham royal estate on the weekend. Spraggan had been the “Millennium” singer’s support act at the event and shared some insight into why the moment was of particular personal significance.

“I’ve not told really told anyone this story, but it really affirms my faith in the universe and makes me feel like, eventually, if you keep going, losses become wins and goodness comes full circle,” she began her post.

“The very day I had to leave The X Factor, it turns out, was the day Robbie Williams had come to individually mentor us contestants.

“That very traumatic day I lost a lot,” she continued. “Later down the line, when I was able to really assess the damage that might have happened to my career, I knew that I not only had I lost the opportunity to continue with the show, but I also lost the opportunity to meet someone I had admired SO much growing up, a northern grafter whose music soundtracked my childhood.”

Robbie Williams and Lucy Spraggan (Lucy Spraggan / Facebook)
Robbie Williams and Lucy Spraggan (Lucy Spraggan / Facebook)

Spraggan explained that she had viewed the former Take That star as an inspiration and an example of “natural troublemakers” being capable of great success.

Though she missed out on a one-on-one experience with Williams on The X Factor, Spraggan stated that in the performance on Sunday (27 August), she got an “even better” opportunity to connect with him.

“I supported Robbie Williams at his show,” she continued. “And what an unbelievable experience it was. What a crowd.”

Spraggan then noted that she and Williams had the chance to speak before his headline set, during which he told her he was “always rooting” for her before performing “one of the best shows I have ever seen”.

“He is literally the greatest showman,” she added. “Once again, this man has inspired me even more. The universe is back on track. And all is bloody wonderful. I love my life.”

Fans of both performers responded to her post by thanking her for sharing her story and congratulating her on meeting her idol. One supportive response reads: “Inspiring story Lucy. Good to see you finally met him and chatted.”

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