Lucky truckies: 7 moments behind the wheel that could’ve been worse

Lucky truckies: 7 moments behind the wheel that could’ve been worse

We may use them daily but roads are an unpredictable place.

Even if you’ve driven along the same route 1000 times anything is possible.

As truck drivers are out there on the roads more than anyone else, we’ve put together a few moments that could’ve ended a lot worse.

Hopefully watching these seven ‘lucky truckies’ will remind you to take care out there… wherever you are.

1. Horrifying moment for driver when a truck slides out of control

This out of control truck barely misses the car it’s headed towards. Filmed in Russia, the truck seems to have lost control on a slippery road. Fortunately the skilled driver managed to regain control just in time and avoid a severe crash.

2. Moment an emergency truck nearly causes a crash

This fire truck was rushing to the scene of an emergency when it almost caused another crash.

3. Two trucks nearly collide in the snow

The moment one truck driver travels around a curve to be met with another truck trying to overtake a snow plough. The first driver was forced to leave the road and collided with several guard posts. A very narrow escape for both drivers which could’ve ended in tragedy.

4. Out of control logging truck forces cars off road

A reminder to take care on slippery roads. The moment when a logging truck swerves out of control while trying to navigate a road. The truck barely misses an onlooking car.

5. Incredible near miss on US highway

A driver found him faces with a two-trailer truck sliding towards him after it hit a patch of ice on a US road. The truck driver managed to gain control enough to slide the truck into a guard rail instead of the car.

6. Australia Post truck gets too close

Driving on an Australian road, an Australia Post truck manages to drive within a fingernail of a neighbouring truck providing a scary scene to onlookers.

7. Driver falls asleep during lucky near miss

A truck driver is lucky to be alive after they allegedly fell asleep while driving towards another truck. The truck can be seen leaving the road while another onlooker hits the horn loudly in an attempt to wake the driver. Very lucky escape indeed.