Lucky names revealed ahead of $20m Powerball, Lotto draws

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Is your name the only thing standing between you and $20 million?

That’s a question some people might be asking with data released by The Lott, ahead of Thursday night’s $20 million Powerball jackpot and Saturday's $20m Lotto draw, showing what first name initials have had the most lottery success.

And if your name is John, Joan, James, Joanne, Jill or Josh (like this fortunate reporter) then you might be among the luckiest.

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Hands up if your name is Jack or Jill. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The Lott said people starting with the letter J had the most division-one success taking out 11 per cent of all lottery games in the 12 months ending December 31, 2020.

Or if you are Anna, Andrew, Angus, Aaron or Alison, you and your fellow A-team were also a lucky group with 8.2 per cent of wins, while names beginning with D claimed 8.14 per cent.

However, names beginning with U such as Ursula and Uma didn’t claim any as did those with the X such as Xavier.

Spare a thought for the luckless Olivias and Ians too with O and I first name initial winners claiming less than one per cent between them.

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It's important to remember winning the lottery is always down to chance. Source: The Lott (file pic)

Most common age of lottery winners

The Lott also broke down which age groups claimed the most division-one prizes too with most winners aged in their 60s at more than 26 per cent.

People in their 40s and 50s each claimed more than 20 per cent while the least represented age group among winners was people in their 20s, at about two per cent.

Of course, it’s important to remember names and age groups have nothing to do with someone’s likelihood of winning the lottery. It’s entirely down to chance.

Yahoo News Australia has asked people in the fields of mathematics, and a psychic, if the numbers could be predicted.

To win Powerball, you need to match all seven numbers with the Powerball number. The chance of getting all eight numbers correct is one in more than 134 million.

If gambling is a problem for you go to Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858.

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