What is ‘lucky girl syndrome’?

Women are maximizing their luck with the “lucky girl syndrome” trend on TikTok.

Lucky girl syndrome is spreading like wildfire. Some people believe that incorporating a few key phrases into their lexicon and a splash of “delusion” can make the odds ever in their favor. Women claim they’re seeing real results, thanks to the manifesting technique.

What is “lucky girl syndrome” on TikTok?

The concept was coined by influencer Laura Galebe. She claimed that ever since she started to use the phrase “I am so lucky,” she became one of the luckiest people she knows.

Galebe said she gets “insane opportunities” thrown at her out of nowhere.

“The secret is to assume and believe it before the concrete proof shows up. BE DELUSIONAL,” she advised in the caption.

This prompted women to use her method to improve their own luck.

Two friends tried Galebe’s affirmations and shared their results after three months. They started using the phrases “I am so lucky” and “I don’t know why, but everything always works out for me.” One example was when they got their choice of rooms at their new place.

TikToker @krrenee repeated the affirmations first thing when she woke up, and an hour later, she got a job offer from her dream job.

What is the law of assumption?

People claim that the effects of lucky girl syndrome are caused by the law of assumption. According to the law of attraction, the law of assumption is when we assume what we want will happen in order to manifest it in real life.

Hypnotherapist Laurnie Wilson attributed the law of assumption and lucky girl syndrome to self-hypnosis. She explained that if you tell yourself something enough and feel it when you say it, you can create new neural pathways in your brain. This makes it possible to change our behavior and attitudes through positive affirmations.

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