Lucky escape after rubber boat almost crushed by massive cruise liner

There’s been a lucky escape for the occupants of a small rubber dinghy after a cruise ship nearly crashed into them.

The dinghy was filmed in Tauranga Harbour, on New Zealand’s North Island on December 14 when the Celebrity Solstice cruiser nearly crashed into it.

Video shows the cruise liner narrowly missing the dinghy before two other boats rush to the rescue and tow it to safety.

The dinghy, which had reportedly run out of fuel, sits in the path of the Celebrity Solstice cruise liner in Tauranga Harbour, on New Zealand’s North Island. Source: Storyful

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council published the footage alongside a warning that boaters were obliged to keep 50 metres from ships on each side and 500 metres ahead. 

“Don’t let your next trip be your last,” council wrote.

Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster Peter Buell told the New Zealand Herald the 122,000-tonne cruiser came within a few metres of hitting the dinghy which had run out of fuel.

He added it “could have been much worse” as the ship was able to make a small alteration to its course.

The cruise liner bears down on the dinghy and its occupants. Source: Storyful