Lucky escape for driver after loose number plate smashes windscreen

Shocking pictures, released by police on Friday, show the damage caused by the airborne registration plate which flew into the car of the 30-year-old woman from Morayfield, in south-east Queensland.

Police said the 30-year-old driver was extremely lucky that she did not sustain serious injury. Source: Queensland Police

According to police, the plate became detached from a trailer being towed by a car that the woman had been following on Tuesday November 13.

It became wedged in the glass on the driver’s side of the woman’s windscreen.

The registration plate became lodged through the windscreen in front of the driver’s side. Source: Queensland Police

Police said the woman received minor cuts to her face from the windscreen glass and added that she was extremely lucky not to have sustained serious injury.

Authorities are urging people to make sure that all items on their cars are secured appropriately, with police tweeting: “The damage that loose items can cause can be fatal.”