Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy on moving away from recasting legacy roles

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy talks to Yahoo Entertainment from Star Wars Celebration about why they're moving away from recasting legacy roles. Kennedy also gives an update on Donald Glover's casting in Lando.

Video transcript

- When do you know how to fly. 190 years old? You look great.

- You mentioned the fact that after solo, you felt the need to sort of move away from recasting iconic characters. The internet is always going to be doing it. They want Millie Bobby Brown to play young Leah, let Ewan age into a remake of the original trilogy. But is that sort of like kind of a new stance, can you elaborate on that?

- I don't think it's a new stance, I think it's an observation right now. We have so many different great stories we can tell and new characters we can create and expanding upon the mythology that George created. I think that relying on just going back and recasting and doing stories over again, I would just say at this stage of things, we can do better than that. And we were trying to do better than that. And eventually, there may be-- fans may tell us that that's what they really genuinely want.

I mean, I think that the fans very much inspired the series "Andor." They inspired the series that we've done on Obi-Wan because they really, really love those characters and they want more of those characters. That means something to us when we get that kind of reaction. But I think just deciding that we're going to start cherry picking legacy characters and recasting and doing stories around them, I just don't think we need to do that right now.

- The one who was already recast and I think a lot of people are hoping we do see again is Lando. Are there any updates on that series?

- Well, only updates are the Donald Glover and all of us keep having conversations. He's a popular guy.

- He's a busy guy.

- And he's a very busy guy. And I mean, if we could be doing that tomorrow, I would love it, but it's working around everybody's schedules.

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