Lowest-paid workers to find out rise

Paul Osborne
The Fair Work Commission has raised the minimum wage by $24 per week

More than 2.3 million workers will find out on Friday what pay rises they can expect when the Fair Work Commission hands down its annual minimum wage decision.

The ACTU has called for a $50 rise for Australia's lowest-paid workers, which it argues could create up to 57,000 jobs over a year.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus says Australians not only need a pay rise but more secure work.

She says when people on lower wages get a pay rise they tend to spend it in the local economy, creating more jobs.

Employers argue the rise should be more like $13 a week.

The increase is set to start on July 1, however, many workers in hospitality and other industries will also feel the impact of penalty rate cuts on that day.

The national minimum wage was set in 2017 at $694.90 a week or $18.29 an hour.