Love Island's Patsy says "being different is cool" as she discusses disability

Love Island summer 2024 contestant Patsy Field has opened up about her disability and has proudly said that "being different is cool".

In a chat with her current partner Munveer Jabbal in tonight's (June 5) episode, Patsy said: "I've got a disability, basically. Haven't said anything to anyone yet 'cause I just don't know, like, it's an awkward thing to bring up.

"So it's like a disability on my arm. I've got no strength, anything like above shoulder height I can't lift. So I need help doing my hair sometimes.

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"Sometimes you think, I dunno, having something different you don't know if it's like, everyone's going to find it... completely, like, sexy. But, being different is cool."

Munveer agreed with her, saying, "In a world of forks, be a spoon" and pledged to give her any support that she needs.

Later on, Munveer admitted to one of the other lads that he did like Patsy, but he wanted to see what the other girls had to offer.

He did tell her the next day, "out of respect", that he did want to talk to other girls, and she was fine with it, stating that they weren't "locked down" at the current time.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Harriett Blackmore got upset after Ciaran Davies took Nicole Samuel aside for a chat, which led to Nicole getting upset, too. The two made up in the morning afterwards, and Harriett told Nicole about her plan to make Ciaran jealous by taking Joey to the Hideaway terrace for a chat.

Joey Essex took advantage of the situation by asking Harriett to do some sexy dancing for him, which she happily obliged. In the confessional, Ciaran said that he knew what Harriett was doing and felt she needed to "grow up".

Are they doomed as a couple?

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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