Love Island's India Reynolds reveals her love life is a "disaster"

Love Island’s India Reynolds has revealed details of her "disaster" love life.

India was a contestant on series 5 of the show, coupling up with Ovie Soko and finishing in third place. Despite dating on the outside, the pair called it quits after a few months.

"My love life is such a bloody disaster. I’ve been on my own for ages. I’ve dated a couple of people but it’s been nothing serious," India revealed (via The Sun).

"My sex life is literally so bad. I actually need to meet someone who’s good in bed. Please God."

India, Love Island, day 46

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Claiming people send her "the worst DMs", India is desperate for some "effort" from potential suitors.

"If you send me some emoji eyes then you’re not getting a response," she added.

"One Valentine’s Day I ended it with someone because he gave me a s**t teddy from a garage and no card. I know people say it’s the gesture, but come on! I didn’t even get a card. Nothing."

India shared that her appearance on Love Island has actually made her more nervous about dating: "When you’re on a date in the villa, there are so many camera crew and producers around. It made me really self-conscious.

"So now, when I’m on an actual date, I feel like I’m being watched."

love island 2019 india reynolds

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In the meantime, India isn’t waiting around for her perfect match. Admitting that Love Island was "about having a good time", India would now "actually really like to have children."

She underwent a second round of egg freezing at the end of last year "just in case", adding: "I’d rather get on top of it now than regret it in the future."

Love Island: All Stars airs at 9pm on ITV2, ITVX & STV.

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