Love Island: All Stars' Liberty reaches her limit in clash with Mitch

liberty looks shocked on love island all stars day 6
Love Island's Liberty reaches her limit with MitchITV

Love Island: All Stars spoilers follow.

Love Island: All Stars contestant Liberty Poole has reached her limit with Mitch Taylor's mixed messaging, as the pair clashed in the villa.

Liberty and Mitch, who are both appearing in the first-ever iteration of the series to feature all former contestants, paired up in the dramatic first recoupling of the series despite Mitch's flirty conversations with fellow islander Demi Jones.

In tonight's episode (January 21), Liberty's frustrations came to a head, after she repeatedly received unclear signals from Mitch and noted him flirting with other contestants.

"What has he actually done to prove to me that I am plan A? What has he done to prove to me that he's grateful to me for picking him in the recoupling? Nothing," Liberty asked in conversation with some of her fellow contestants, while Mitch was flirting with recent arrival Arabella Chi across the garden.

liberty looks shocked on love island all stars day 6

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"Do you know what, I think Lib should put herself first," said Liberty's best friend Kaz Kamwi during a visit to the Beach Hut. "He pulled Arabella for a chat right in front of Liberty – I feel Liberty needs to keep her options open as well.

"I feel like she shouldn't put all her eggs in Mitch's basket – when he's spreading his everywhere!"

Liberty decided to pull Mitch for a chat in the kitchen over his flirting with Arabella, saying she felt "confused about the whole thing", to which Mitch replied he'd spoken to Arabella twice since she arrived and was "still open".

"If you're gonna speak to Arabella twice, then just know, I'm going to match your energy... No-one knows where your head's at ever, ever, and I'm getting tired of it," Liberty told him.

mitch looks surprised on love island all stars day 6, a man sits in a chair, he has short brown hair and wears a grey tshirt

Mitch insisted that he felt he'd been "very transparent" and added: "In my opinion, I don't think I've been messy at all," and asserted that Liberty was "still number one".

However, Liberty disagreed, saying twice: "Don't give me mixed messages, because I'm not going to stand for it," adding as she walked away: "And that's the end of that, to be honest."

After the conversation, things seem settled, until Demi – who Mitch was flirting with prior to the recoupling – revealed to Liberty, Hannah and Kaz: "To be honest with you, before me and Luis kissed, he pulled me aside and said, 'You're my number one, you're my number one'... this is a few days ago now... just bear in mind – before the recoupling."

"I'm not going to be a Plan B option at the end of the day," said Liberty. "The thing is, he's picked the wrong girl to play with because I won't stand for that."

Kaz noted: "So, basically, Mitch is saying different things to different girls."

"He's messing. He's being 'double M' messy Mitch," Hannah added.

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Liberty then confronted Mitch again to ask whether Demi's claim was true – which it was.

"Oh, f**king hell," Mitch replied, as a furious Liberty strode off into the villa saying: "Yeah, you can piss off, babe."

"I'm finished!" Mitch said as the credits rolled.

Earlier in the episode, season five contestant Arabella immediately addressed her "history" with Toby Aromolaran, who is currently paired up with Georgia Steele, and confronted him just after entering the villa.

"Are you a little bit shocked to see me?" she asked Toby, who replied: "You picked your time…"

Love Island: All Stars airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm, with Unseen Bits airing on Saturdays.

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