Love Island: All Stars airs recoupling twist after new arrival

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Love Island: All Stars airs recoupling twistITV

Love Island: All Stars spoilers follow.

Love Island: All Stars aired a big recoupling cliffhanger, leaving the Islanders wondering what consequences one boy's decision could hold for them all.

But before the puzzled cast could gather around the firepit for the tough decision, two love triangles took centre stage in tonight's (January 18) episode.

Luis continued giving Kaz and Demi mixed signals and insisted on wanting to get to know both, while exes Molly and Callum had an awkward chat after she and Chris locked lips on the terrace.

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Molly and Callum agreed they both wanted to see other people, having signed up to the show "for a reason".

Later on, Chris and Callum cleared the air too, with Chris confessing he hadn't "strictly followed bro code so far" and hoped there would be no animosity between them. Callum agreed and the two hugged it out, with the rest of the cast cheering.

Things took an exciting turn when Hannah got a text sharing that she, Georgia Steele and Georgia Harrison would go on a date with a mysterious new boy.

Following Jake Cornish's exit earlier this week, season 1 star Josh Ritchie made a surprise return to the show, taking the three girls on short dates for the day.

After he and Georgia S agreed they were ready to have children, it was time for a season 1 reunion with Hannah. Finally, Josh and Georgia H talked about their decade-long connection, reminiscing on an an argument they had in Ibiza, with Georgia ultimately forgiving him.

joshua ritchie on love island all stars

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At night, Mitch opened up to Demi, admitting she was his "number one" choice and that he felt disappointed when she and Luis kissed moments afterwards.

When a text announced a recoupling in which the girls would pick the boys, Mitch encouraged Kaz to choose Luis to explore their connection, whilst hoping to be Demi's second choice.

Before the girls could make their minds up, Josh received a second text, announcing he'd get to choose who to couple up with first. Who will he share a bed with?

Love Island: All Stars airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm, with Unseen Bits airing on Saturdays.

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