Love Island's Amelia Marni slams Jetstar for 'sl*t shaming'

Former Love Island Australia star Amelia Marni has lashed out at Jetstar, accusing the airline of ’sl*t shaming’

The influencer was wearing a black crop top and khaki pants, with a male flight attendant allegedly telling Amelia she needed to “cover up” as her clothing was “too revealing”.

Amelia Marni on the left, a screenshot of her story she is wearing a black crop top and khaki pants. On the right, she is posing with suitcases outside the departure area at the airport.
Amelia Marni has accused a Jetstar flight attendant of 's**t shaming'. Instagram/ameliamarni & rileyminford

Amelia shared a photo of her outfit on her Instagram story, writing “We love a sl*t shame moment” and explained that the male flight attendant said her outfit was “inappropriate” to wear on Jetstar.

The star went on to share screenshots of Jetstar’s dress code, saying she was “deadset confused”, and sarcastically adding “we love a man abusing his authority”. The only requirement she came across was one warning passengers not to wear offensive clothing, which didn’t apply to her outfit.


Two screenshots of Jetstar's dress code.
The influencer shared screenshots of Jetstar's dress code. Photo: Instagram/ameliamarni

She shared a screenshot of a direct message from a fan who let the influencer know that Jetstar doesn’t care what passengers wear, and she admitted that she wasn’t feeling great about being singled out.

“I’m actually so embarrassed, he was so mean,” she wrote to her fan.

The saga continued as she shared an update, saying she checked with a female flight attendant who said her outfit was fine to wear on the plane.

“He came over again and said, ‘You need to cover up.’ And then I was like to the [female flight attendant], 'Wait — is this not allowed, like I have the tiniest bit of tummy [showing]?'

“And she goes, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine’. And I was like, ‘thought so’. And then he didn’t say sorry!”

Amelia Marni covers up using napkins on the plane, next to her friend Joe.
The Love Island star made fun of the situation with her friend. Instagram/ameliamarni

The pair revealed that they had demanded to see Jetstar’s policy or written document regarding the dress policy, but nothing had been provided.

Making light of the situation, she later shared a photo of herself “covering up” by using Jetstar napkins and emergency flight cards.

Jetstar said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle: "While we do have basic dress requirements on our flights (ie. shoes), we do not have any policy regarding crop tops.

"Our team will reach out to Amelia and to our crew member to understand what’s taken place, and we apologise if there’s been any misunderstanding of our policy."

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