Love Island 2024 viewers stunned by Casa Amor recouplings

maya jama, love island 2024, episode 32
Love Island viewers react to Casa Amor couplesITV

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island fans reacted to the results from the latest recoupling ceremony, which came after a heated Casa Amor.

The annual event sees the existing Islanders split up across two villas as 12 new singletons enter the show, with prior connections being tested as new passions come to the surface.

Thursday’s (July 4) episode saw host Maya Jama gather the boys from the main villa around the firepit as they had a decision to make, with the group having to determine if they would stick with their existing connection or recouple with a girl from Casa Amor.

love island 2024, episode 32

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In total, there were three re-couplings from the boys as Konnor and Trey opted to recouple with Emma and Ellie respectively, but it was Ayo’s decision to couple up with Jessica that raised some eyebrows as it left Mimii single.

Fans took to social media to discuss the decision, with one viewer writing on X/Twitter. "Mimii standing alone, smiling and having grace while ayo cant even explain himself and jess starts crying OHHH MIMII I NEED TO SAVE YOU #loveisland."

"Uma is SO REAL. She’s BACKING Mimii, she’s DRAGGING Wil, this is what I want to see!!! #LoveIsland" added another fan, with a third writing: "Petition for uma and mimii to couple up and win the whole thing!! #loveisland"

"Ayo’s head is pounding LOOOOL he knows he’s about to become the most hated man in the UK #loveisland" wrote a fourth fan, with a fifth adding: "Mimii is better than me because I wouldve lit that villa on FIRE- I respect the way she went about it and is deciding to just remove herself from the situation #loveisland"

mimii and ayo, love island, season 11 episode 14

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Following the latest ceremony, the new couples are as follows: Konnor & Emma, Blade & Grace, Sean & Matilda, Ciaran & Nicole, Trey & Ellie, Hugo & Jess, Wil & Uma, Joey & Jessy and Ayo & Jessica, with Mimii being left single.

The ceremony also meant that the Casa Amor castmates who weren't chosen would be sent home, with Diamanté, Lucy, Ruby, Moziah, Jake, Joel and Lionel all departing the villa after a short stint.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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