Love Island 2024 viewers delighted by girls' spying in Casa Amor

jess, nicole, matilda, jessy, mimii, love island 2024, episode 29
Love Island fans delighted by girls' spyingITV

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island naturally hots up when Casa Amor is in full swing, and this year’s series is no different as tensions certainly rose.

With the existing islanders nervous about their prior connections, some of the girls went to extreme lengths to get a glimpse of the main villa.

Nicole, who is currently coupled up with Ciaran, remarked in front of Mimii and Jess that she could see somebody in the opposite villa, with Mimii later complimenting her co-star on her eyesight.

jess, nicole, matilda, jessy, mimii, love island 2024, episode 29

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Jess later suggested that they zoom in with the camera on their phones, with Nicole letting out a gasp as she spotted Ciaran, before the other girls congregated around the phone.

The detective skills on show drew a response from fans of the show on social media, with one writing on X/Twitter: “Yeah I love this.”

“Women are natural FBI agents. The zoom feature on that phone must be powerful,” wrote a second fan, whilst the official Specsavers account even got in on the action as they quipped: “This is the motivation we want to see in eye tests.”

“Nicole if all else fails, Google Pixel will have a job for you, because I think you just sold that phone by the camera in less then 0.5 seconds,” joked a fourth user, with a fifth adding: “lol this was good tbh.”

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A sixth user joked about the product placement as they wrote: “@Google u need to pay them love islanders extra money for this free advertisement and attention”, with a seventh writing: “This is a great Pixel advert #loveisland.”

Whilst fans were loving the mini investigation, the first full day of Casa Amor threw up some surprises as Ayo, in a couple with Mimii, got to know Jessica Spencer following her entry into the villa – will there be a twist?...

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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