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Love blooms for Booth

Dominick Joseph Lunar and Emma Booth. Picture: Emma Booth/Instagram

Her acting career has taken flight in Hollywood this year but it appears that life off screen is also blooming for Los Angeles-based, Busselton-raised actress Emma Booth.

The former model, 31, flew back to Perth this week, this time with her new squeeze in tow - LA musician Dominick Joseph Lunar.

"I met the love of my life," Booth gushed to AAA Weekend.

"We met through some friends about a year- and-a-half ago. Then I actually left the next day but we ended up Skyping every single day for six months.

"It was really beautiful to get to know someone that way. It kind of deepened our relationship."

Booth said her bond with Lunar had grown so strong that she didn't feel down about her TV pilot, Gothica, being dropped by US network ABC.

"I was secretly quite happy about that because I was settled in LA," she said. "I just got a dog and bought a house with Dom and if it went ahead that would have meant moving to New York. So the universe worked out perfectly for me.

"Eventually I'll have a house (in WA), so I can kind of go back and forth between here and LA."

Back in WA for three weeks, Booth plans to kick back and spend Christmas in Busselton.

Lunar will join in on the festive celebrations, which will see him meet her tight-knit clan for the first time. "We have a massive family Christmas," she said. "It's awesome fun."

Booth also plans to show Lunar around WA's picturesque South West.

"We'll probably explore *Margaret River *and I'll probably take him camping," she said. "We're just going to go exploring. I'll probably find things I've never seen before."

The well-deserved festive break comes after a hectic 2013 for the talented actress.

This year has seen Booth score some respectable roles on the silver screen, including for the Argentine-shot WA short film Tango Underpants, which had its world premiere at bamBOO outdoor cinema in Highgate this week, and the 2013 action flick Parker alongside Jason Stratham and Jennifer Lopez.

She also starred with rising Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska in the Australian-shot indie film Tracks, which has already made waves at the London, Venice and Toronto film festivals ahead of its wide release in the middle of next year.

Looking at what's in store for next year, it is panning out to be another busy one for Booth.

"I've got a few things coming up - the Shallows feature film, the Tango Underpants feature film and some other things lined up that I'm not meant to talk about," she said.

"But it looks like it's going to be another busy year."