Love Is Blind season 6 trailer teases "love triangle" drama

love is blind l to r nick lachey, vanessa lachey in season 6 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix
Love Is Blind reveals season 6 trailerNetflix

Netflix's Love is Blind US has released a first trailer for its sixth season and there's a love triangle on the horizon... or is it a love star?

The new season fittingly hits Netflix on Valentine's Day (February 14) and will see 30 new singletons entering the pods to look for love.

The full cast for the season was unveiled last week and now we've got to have our first look at them in action.

The trailer shows the different contestants getting to know each other in the pods with such probing questions being asked as: "Have you ever been close to getting married?" and "How many Instagram followers do you have?".

love is blind season 6, overview image of the pods with two people talking to each other through a wall

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But as the trailer continues we find out that some of the contestants have already fallen hard for others and some may even be after the same person.

One male contestant is heard asking: "What love triangle am I in?" with another answering: "It's more like a love star."

The trailer ends with a female contestant exclaiming: "I'm in love with a man I've never even seen!"

Season six of Love is Blind will be once again hosted by husband and wife duo Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

nick lachey and vanessa minnillolachey, love is blind season 2

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This time around the season will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, with previous editions of the show being held in Seattle, Portland and Houston.

No doubt this year's singletons will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of season four contestants Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski and Zack Goytowski who recently announced they are expecting their first child. The couple will be the first (and hopefully not the last) Love Is Blind couple to start a family.

Love Is Blind season 6 premieres its first six episodes on February 14 on Netflix, with new episodes airing on Wednesdays after that.

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