Little boy's 'heart wrenching' Christmas wish list

It’s that time of year kids start jotting down their list of expensive toys they want to find under the Christmas tree on December 25, but for one little boy his request was as simple as it was heartbreaking.

New Orleans Councilman-elect Jay Banks shared the “heart wrenching” photo of the wish list submitted by an anonymous Year 4 student from Louisiana as part of a YMCA program.

Underneath some clothing measurements, the young boy wrote in his wish list column “New shoes, happier life”.

“This has to be one of the most frustrating things I have ever seen,” Banks wrote on Facebook, sharing the list.

The boy asked for 'new shoes' and a 'better life' in the heartbreaking wish list. Source: Facebook

“Put this in context, a 4th-grade child has the opportunity to ask for what he wants for Christmas and this is what he asks for.

“A new bike, an Xbox, other toys or a multitude of other things would not have surprised nor alarmed me, but for a 4th-grader to ask for a happier life is heart wrenching.”

The photo was immediately flooded with emotional comments from people offering their support.

Jay H. Banks (left) posted the note on Facebook. Source: Facebook

"My heart is breaking. Things don't always make for happier lives. He needs a mentor to tell him he is important, special and loved," one woman wrote.

"There are so many more children walking in his shoes than you probably want to know. It is real," another wrote.

"This is truly a cry out for help," one man added.