Why lottery winner dines out on scrambled eggs each month

First prize lottery winners have revealed how they celebrate receiving huge cash deposits in their bank accounts, with enough money to splash out for smashed avocado on toast – or scrambled eggs in the case of one Sydney man.

Since the Set For Life lotto game launched in August 2015, there have been 42 First Prize winners across Australia receiving $20,000 a month for 20 years – what they love to refer to as $20K Day.

One Sydney winner revealed he and his wife go out to breakfast for scrambled eggs on the 15th of each month to plan how they will “keep living life to the fullest” with their prize.

Set for Life offers  winners revealed the secret rituals and customs they’ve adopted to celebrate their windfall. Source: The Lott

“Every time I get the monthly payment, I feel relieved and stress-free,” he said.

“Winning has given us the freedom to do and spend as we please, so each month we go out to breakfast for our stress-free scrambled eggs!”

Three years after her win, a Melbourne mum described how she and her husband still crowded around her computer on the 15th to check their bank balance.

“Every month on the 15th my husband and I log into our bank account just to see it in there. We still get so excited,” she said.

“We even circle the 15th of each month in our calendar and every year on the anniversary of our win, we go out with the family for dinner to celebrate how lucky and Set for Life we really are!”

There are 42 first prize winners nationally celebrating $20k Day on the 15th of each month. Source: The Lott website

The monthly ‘woohoo’ moment

For one Queensland man, seeing the $20,000 drop into his account on $20K Day meant that winning feeling never went away.

“Every month I have a little ‘woohoo moment’. I still can’t really believe it until the money lands in my account every month – it’s awesome,” he said.

“I have always been a positive person, but all of my dreams can now become a reality. Every day I remind myself how lucky I am. We can pretty much do what we want to do.”

While every First Prize winner was unique, all admitted they counted down to the 15th of the month – their Set for Life prize payment day, according to Set for Life spokesperson Matt Hart.

“While winners have used their prize in lots of different ways – from weddings and new homes to family trips to Disneyland and early retirements – all describe the enjoyment they derive from living free from financial stress,” he said.

“A big part of being a Set for Life First Prize winner is the anticipation and thrill of having a $20K Day every month, so it’s understandable many have adopted their own special ways of celebrating the monthly milestone.”