Loose Horse Hitches A Ride On Cardiff City Bus

Sara C Nelson

A frightened horse that somehow found itself stranded on a central reservation was taken to safety – on board a passenger bus.

Local resident Harley Paige and a friend were able to halt traffic on Thursday evening on the A48 in Wales and eventually coral the “shaken and soggy” animal onto a Cardiff-bound bus.

Paige wrote on Facebook: “Somehow we managed to stop the traffic with the assistance of some lovely people and some arm flailing on my behalf. Got the horse calm and listening.

“Then the bus driver asks, ‘shall we put the horse on the bus?’

“Well, why the fuck not drive, take it away!”

South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit closed the road while the equine passenger boarded the vehicle, which continued to its depot, whereupon the horse was “let go on its merry way.”


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