Looking for a fast way to make a million? Maybe get a cat

There is no doubt about it, cat’s make you laugh. But can they make you money?

Our fascination with moggies on the likes of YouTube and Facebook are making some felines uber famous and turning them into moneymaking machines.

“Anything on the internet, if its watched quite a bit, millions of millions of views, can bring you money.” Robert Dollwet told Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler.

Robert quit his day job caring for dogs to turn his cats into internet stars. He trains them to do unexpected tricks, then posts the videos online.

“I thought (they) would get ten thousand hits. 80 million hits later.” Robert joked.

“Money has never been my goal…The main goal in the very beginning was to start a Youtube channel to educate people about cats and to give cats a better life.”

There is a good reason why cats have become such a hit online, according to Dr Radha O’Meara from the University of Melbourne.

“I think that what we love so much about cat videos is that they’re so un-self conscious about being filmed.” She said.

They have the element of suspense and surprise as well – we don’t know what a cat might do…at any moment they might jump, they might fall, they might face plant.”

Grumpy Cat.

Dr O’Meara is researching the unprecedented success of cat videos and has found another reason for their popularity is the emotional rush they can give viewers.

“It’s what keeps us clicking and clicking…It’s what make us love it and love it again and again and again.” Dr O’Meara said.

“Cat videos are absolutely not a fad…they’ve already dominated the internet for many many years. I don’t think they’re going away.”

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