'Look at those prices!': Classic 1970s Australian Pizza Hut menu proves to be a hit online

A decades-old menu from Pizza Hut Australia has surfaced online and taken many on a trip down memory lane.

The document is said to be an original menu from the early 1970s and Facebook users seem to be excited about the discovery, which has been shared on the Old Shops Australia Facebook page.

“Wow what a find,” one person wrote, while another called it “beautiful.”

“The earliest piece of Pizza Hut ephemera we’ve come across and a true artefact from Australia’s popular culinary history,” a post from Chris Ho says. He has credited the picture to Jodie Walters, and said she posted it in the group ‘You Know You Grew Up In The Liverpool Area When’.

Social media users have been quick to point out the biggest differences in the old offerings compared with menus today.

“Apart from the Supreme, all of the pizzas featured one basic topping,” one person noticed.

A different person commented none of the toppings appeared to contain pineapple either.

While another observed there was also “no mention of this pizza could contain nuts.” 

An old Pizza Hut menu has sparked plenty of conversation online, taking many on a trip down memory lane. Source: Old Shops Australia/ Facebook

For small pizzas, said to serve 1-2 adults, the prices on the menu range from $1.05 for a mozzarella cheese, to $1.60 for a pizza supreme. And for the larger size they were priced between $1.70 and $2.70.

Salads were listed as 35 cents, drinks – including milk, coffee and soft drinks – were 15 cents and alcoholic beverages were priced at 25 cents for beer and $2.00 for a bottle of wine.

And even though it may seem cheap by today’s standards, many Facebook users reminded others the average wage was also much lower.

“Look at those prices! Mid 70’s and mates would have to chip in to buy 1 to share”, one person wrote. 

Source: Old Shops Australia/ Facebook

Much of the discussion also focused on what seemed to be a very popular item.

“I totally forgot about the gingerbread man, I loved those!!” one person wrote. Another commented that they were “the best.”

“I miss going there hungry and then you open the door and it’s the scent of dining heaven…and don’t forget the gingerbread man for afters,” said another Facebook user. 

While the popular post has left many people sentimental, it has no doubt left others a little bit hungry.

“I wish I could buy a Mozzarella Cheese like Pizza Hut did them then,” a Facebook user wrote.