Long-running discount scrapped for NSW commuters

An Opal card sweetener to make “every week a long weekend” has been offered as fares rise.

Cost of living discount
A discount is being scrapped as transport fares go up in New South Wales.

A discount incentive for New South Wales travellers will be scrapped as delayed annual Opal ticket price rises come into effect next month.

Commuters used to enjoy half-priced fares after eight trips a week, but after a drop-off in the five-day office week the state government argued many weren’t reaching that number.

Instead, when price hikes of an average of 3.7 per cent kick in on October 16, discounted weekend fares will be extended to include Friday.

This means the daily fare will be capped at $8.90 for adults and $4.45 for children, concession and youth travellers from Friday to Sunday.

“Every weekend will soon be a long weekend when it comes to Opal fares as we make Friday travel cheaper for everyone,” Transport Minister Jo Haylen said.

The scheme initially offered free travel after eight paid trips, but the freebie was dumped and half-price replaced it in 2016.

The weekly travel cap will remain at $50 for adults and $25 for children or concession card holders.

The cap for pensioners will remain at $2.50 a day, everyday.

“The NSW Government has worked to relieve cost-of-commuting pressures by delaying the fare changes, and ensuring they are less than the latest annual Sydney consumer price index movement of 7 per cent in the June 2023 quarter,” Transport for NSW said.

You will pay more to access the domestic and international terminals at Sydney Airport when travelling by train, jumping 94¢ for an adult and 84¢ for concession cardholders.

The access fee will be capped at $33.84 a week for adults and $30.33 for children.

The government claimed the inflation rises would not cost more than $1 a week.

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