'Stop Muslims coming from Middle East': Australian imam supports Hanson's call for immigration bans

An Australian Muslim who campaigns against Islamist extremism has backed One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson's controversial call to ban Muslim immigration after the London terror attack.

Adelaide Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi took to Twitter to condemn the Muslim extremists after the third jihadist attack in 10 weeks in the UK.

And after Senator Hanson had called for the ban of Muslim immigration within hours of the London attack on the weekend, Sheikh Tawhidi said he agreed with a temporay ban on Muslims coming to Australia from the Middle East.

The 34-year-old activist - who describes himself as a Muslim Scholar, educator, reformer, and Imam of Peace - is consistently active on social media, sharing his thoughts and ideals about the religion.

Sheikh Tawhidi said he agrees with Pauline Hanson. Source: Facebook

"Terrorism in the UK is growing week after week. Having extremists within our societies is not multiculturalism, it's suicide," he wrote on Twitter.

The Iranian-born religious leader, told Daily Mail Australia "unmonitored multiculturalism is to blame".

"We need to make sure that those coming into the west really want to be part of the west," he said.

Last month Sheikh Tawhidi told Sunrise that Islam scriptures 'teach the beheading of people'.

Senator Hanson tweeted: "Stop Islamic migration before it is too late."

When asked about it, Tawhidi agreed but stopped short of advocating a ban on all Muslims.

"I support a temporary ban on Muslims coming from the Middle East," he said.

'Shut the mosque down': Sheikh Tawhidi

He added that jihadists had a history of attending mosques that promoted sharia law.

"The majority of mosques advocate for sharia law without removing the violent parts,' he said, adding the imam who preached to the three London terrorists needs to be held responsible," he said.

"You need to investigate and shut down the mosque that this terrorist used to attend."

Pauline Hanson has called for a ban on Muslim immigration. Photo: AAP

The 34-year-old imam said the political left in the United Kingdom had allowed London to turn into Baghdad.

"The left wants us to believe that terrorism is the result of unemployment," he said.

"Since when did humans blow themselves up for not having a job?"

The men responsible for the London attacks had shouted 'This is for Allah' after they had mowed down dozens of pedestrians in a white van across the London Bridge.