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Logitech's Reach camera has an articulating arm that lets you point it just about anywhere

The company's turning to Indiegogo for crowdfunding.


Logitech just announced a new webcam called the Reach with a flexible and articulating arm, allowing for easy movement and even downward-facing video footage. The company says this is the perfect tool for non-digital show-and-tell presentations, as the downward angle allows you to capture video of the stuff on your desk. In other words, use the Logitech Reach for interactive remote meetings, online tutoring, livestreams and all kinds of other presentations.

The company recommends that users “lay out the content to show first, then position the camera.” To that end, the articulation follows multiple axes, sort of like a microphone stand, for increased versatility in what you can capture. There’s a button for vertical movement and lossless zoom up to 4.3x, with a grip to move the camera along the vertical plane. There are even built-in guidance indicators to help the image stay upright as the camera moves. These axes combine to “create novel vantage points” that remove the pain points of sharing non-digital content.

The camera is an enhanced version of the popular Logitech Streamcam with better glass optics and a new smart autofocus feature. Other than that, the specs are the same so expect 1080p/60fps video capabilities. Logitech touts a plug-and-play experience for the device, as it connects via USB and automatically integrates with most computers and streaming platforms. It also ships with a low-profile edge clamp for a more compact experience during use.

Logitech’s being a bit cagey regarding pricing and availability, but there’s a survey on the official site that indicates a discounted price point for early adopters at $300 to $400. As a note, the Streamcam costs around $180 by itself. The Reach won’t be sold via official means, as Logitech's turning to Indiegogo Enterprise to fund the camera. There’s no concrete start date for the campaign.

If you’re wondering if you can buy the mount without the camera, so you can add your own, the answer looks to be no. Logitech product lead Gaurav Bradoo told The Verge that the team considered this move but market research indicated they should go with “an end-to-end solution and not just a mount.”

Of course, Logitech is a multi-tentacled beast and the camera division is just one of many. The company’s been making moves in other areas lately, with a recent refresh to the Pebble line of keyboards and an update to the G Pro X Superlight gaming mouse.