Locals perplexed as kangaroo spotted on US highway

A US sheriff’s office after was not sure what to expect when their department was inundated with phone calls about a mysterious animal frolicking on a rural country highway.

Officers from McCormick County Sherriff’s Office in South Carolina said they thought the dispatcher was joking when they received reports of a rogue kangaroo in extremely unfamiliar territory.

But low and behold, that is what they were greeted with when they made their way out to the Georgia state line on Tuesday morning.

A photo shared by the police department shows the seemingly perplexed roo back at the officers in the police car.

The officers could not believe their eyes after coming across the rogue roo. Source: Facebook/McCormick County Sherriff’s Office

“When you get dispatched to an animal in the road and this is what you find,” a Facebook photo caption read.

Sheriff’s officials say the animal got out of his owner’s pen and escaped to the nearby highway.

The uninjured roo was reunited with owner later that morning.

Last week Texas resident Kimberley Zapata was equally amazed when she spotted a wallaby bouncing along her car (video above).

“It’s a kangaroo!” she exclaimed, before later being given a lesson on Australian wildlife.