'Makes me so angry': Locals furious at 'disgusting' mess left on beach

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A number of residents on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast are furious after rubbish was left behind at a local beach.

A resident posted a photo to Facebook last week of empty liquor bottles they claimed were found at First Point, Noosa on Thursday last week.

“The pigs are back in town,” she wrote.

She later added she cleaned up “four bags of bottles, cans, cardboard and two chairs”.

Fellow residents were quick to add their displeasure, calling the sight “disgusting”.

“So disrespectful and no manners,” one woman wrote.

“Makes me so angry,” a man said.

Empty vodka bottles and cans are seen on a beach at Noosa.
Empty vodka bottles and cans are seen on a beach at Noosa.

Another woman urged people to be careful taking their kids into the area.

“When I went to the beach last weekend with my three-year-old playing at the shoreline (there was) lots of broken glass. Be careful with your kids playing,” she wrote.

It was a sentiment echoed by another woman too.

“Parents please ensure your kids have shoes on when they go into the parks. Multiple times over the years I've cleaned up broken glass around Ferris Park in Sunshine Beach,” she wrote.

“Teenagers gather there at night, leave their garbage and break a few bottles. I would hate to see a child or a dog get a glass splinter in their foot.”

However, it’s not known who’s responsible for the mess.

The woman who posted the photo said it’s not an isolated incident either.

‘A mess of broken glass’

A resident told Noosa News in September the spot’s a regular party area.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, added it was “a mess of broken glass” which she blamed on school kids and backpackers.

“The residents go down and clean it up. They are so protective of the area,” she told Noosa News.

First Point at Noosa is pictured.
First Point at Noosa. Source: Google Maps (file pic)

“Nobody else is taking much notice of it.”

Noosa Council’s Waste and Environmental Health Manager Wayne Schafer told Yahoo News Australia in a statement most beachgoers are doing the right thing.

“The majority of beachgoers either take their rubbish with them or place it in nearby public bins,” he said.

“Council staff and contractors regularly inspect our beach areas to ensure they are clean and tidy, and to remove any litter left behind by the minority who do the wrong thing.

“We appreciate the efforts of our conscientious locals who often pick up any pieces of rubbish they come across when walking in the early morning.”

Mr Schafer said anyone caught littering or dumping illegally faces fines.

“Council has issued over $6000 in littering and illegal dumping fines in the current financial year,” he said.

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