Locals baffled by huge object washed up on beach

A mysterious object that washed up on a beach has left a local community baffled, with experts admitting they’re unsure what it is and where on earth (or space) it came from.

The cylindrical object weighing about 90 kilograms appeared on the Seabrook Island shoreline in South Carolina on Thursday.

Lauren Rust, the executive director of the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, was among the first on the scene.

“There’s no metal on it. The whole thing is just layers of foam,” she told The Post and Courier, before posting images on Facebook in the hope someone might be able to identify it.

The mysterious object washed up on a South Carolina Beach, baffling both locals and experts. Image: Facebook/Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

“It also doesn’t look like it’s been in the water that long. You’d think if it were in the water (for a long period of time), it would be covered in barnacles and all sorts of (sea life).”

She said although it appears to be made of concrete, it actually feels “like a soft foam”.

With no official answer as to what it is, the theories, some more outrageous than others, began rolling in on social media.

“I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens,” one person suggested.

“It’s the death star,” another insisted.

The object weighs 90 odd kg and despite its appearance actually feels like a soft foam, Ms Rust said. Image: Facebook/Lauren Rust

Even local resident Jennifer Passantino who witnessed the item first hand on her morning walk admits she is conflicted as to where it came from.

“I assume(d) it was a buoy, but could also be the remains of an alien spaceship,” she wrote on Facebook.

Town officials were quick to whisk away the item for further investigation.