LANY postpone Aussie tour after car crash, little-known $4k Tesla detail exposed: Australia news live

Plus council's bold plan to punish landlords with higher council rates.

Yahoo's live news blog has concluded for Thursday, June 13.

First up we started with the news a Melbourne council looking to increase rates for landlords in a bid to deter investment properties in the area. One councillor from Merri-bek City Council wants to charge $3,600 per year per property, double what someone who lives in the home they own.

While electric cars are surging in popularity, did you know they are often more expensive to insure? Read more in the blog below.

LANY has also been forced to postpone their Australian tour after singer Paul Jason Klein was injured in a car crash.

  • Fans gush over Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary photo

    Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary are doing their best to cement themselves as Australia's favourite sporting couple. Aussies lapped up the pair's latest show of affection online, an Instagram post showing time spent in Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

    "Australia's King and Queen," one fan proclaimed in the comments.

    The pair are enjoying as much time together as possible before the Matildas star has to return to England to join up with the Manchester City squad for pre-season.

  • WA's population growing the fastest in Australia

    Immigration has been a big talking point of late, particularly with the growing housing crisis across the country.

    The country added more than half a million people in net overseas migration last year and WA is leading the way in terms of percentage growth, increasing its population by 3.3 per cent.

    The other states came in as follows:

    Victoria - 2.8 per cent

    Queensland 2.6 per cent

    NSW - 2.2 per cent

    South Australia 1.6 per cent

    Tasmania 0.4 per cent

    With nearly 27 million people now living in Australia, that number could hit 46 million by 2071. Read more here.

  • Tourist site introduces toilet timers

    I bet some of the recent visitors to Vivid wished this technology was in use.

    But it's fair to say the rollout of toilet timers at a Chinese tourist site have largely been met with resistance.

    The public toilets are located at the Yungang Buddhist Grottoes, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site that boasts thousands of statues carved into rock and caves. Like many tourist sites in China, they can be swamped with visitors during the holidays leaving long queues, including in the bathrooms.

    These toilet timers have certainly caused a stir in China. Source: The Paper
    These toilet timers have certainly caused a stir in China. Source: The Paper

    In a bid to tackle this problem, timers have been installed above each cubicle to show how long someone has been inside it, local media reported. The displays also show when cubicles are empty. Workers also state it is a safety feature, helping identify if there is an emergency inside a cubicle.

    While many took to Chinese social media to criticise the timers, some said it would stop people from sitting on the toilet looking at their phones.

    Would you like to see these toilet timers in Australia? Have your say below.

  • LANY postpone Australia tour after singer hit by car

    LANY has been forced to reschedule their upcoming shows in Australia and New Zealand after singer Paul Jason Klein was hit by a car.

    Klein, 36, has fronted the LA-based pop-rock band since 2014 and is well known for his past relationships with Dua Lipa and Nicola Peltz Beckham.

    He shared pictures of himself in hospital on Instagram, explaining that he was struck by the car last Thursday while traveling home from the gym on his Vespa scooter.

    “I don’t really remember anything after the collision…,” he wrote. “I woke up on a stretcher being put into an ambulance. I’ve cried a lot of thankful and happy tears during the last few days. I know how fortunate I am to still be here."

    Read more here.

  • Big change for jury in ex-Jetstar pilot's murder trial

    Jurors will only need to decide whether former airline pilot Greg Lynn is guilty of murder, after an alternate manslaughter charge was thrown out.

    The 57-year-old is nearing the end of a five-week murder trial, with Supreme Court Justice Michael Croucher summing up the charges to 14 jurors on Thursday morning.

    He has pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder, over the deaths of Russell Hill and Carol Clay in Victoria's alpine region more than four years ago.

    Lynn told the jury the two deaths were accidental, but admitted destroying evidence including burning the bodies and the crime scene.

    Carol Clay and Russell Hill vanished in March 2020. Source: Victoria Police
    Carol Clay and Russell Hill vanished in March 2020. Source: Victoria Police

    When the jury was chosen, it was told it had three options to consider when deciding a verdict: murder, manslaughter or finding Lynn innocent.

    However, the jury was told prosecution and defence have since decided manslaughter should be taken off the table.

    "Manslaughter will no longer be available to you as the alternate charge in this trial, both sides agree," Justice Croucher told the jury on Thursday.

    "In the circumstances of this case, if you are not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt of murder, you would also not be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt of manslaughter.

    "In those circumstances, an alternative verdict of manslaughter would be wrong.

    Read more here.

    - AAP

  • Man finds out he's won $1.4 million five months after buying lottery ticket

    How's this for a belated lottery win. A Gold Coast man has claimed his $1.4 million winnings five months after his ticket took out its share of a mammoth division one prize.

    The Coolangatta winner only discovered his windfall this week after finding the Saturday Gold Lotto ticket in a drawer.

    “I was bored on Tuesday night, so I decided to check some old tickets,' he told lottery officials.

    “This ticket has been sitting in my drawer with a wad of about 10 other tickets I hadn’t got around to checking. It certainly makes you think about what if I hadn’t checked the ticket or had lost it!"

    He plans on helping out his kids in their 20s and going big on an upcoming European holiday.

  • Confusion over Paris Olympics mascot

    While the Paris Olympics and Paralympics mascots were announced in 2022, it's only now fans are really starting to ask what on earth they are.

    These bright red triangular characters, named The Phryges, are in fact hats and they hold a significant place in French history thanks to their prominence during the French Revolution and their association with liberty.

    “Rather than an animal, our mascots represent an ideal,” Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet said in a statement at the time of their release.

    “Since it is familiar to us and appears on our stamps and the pediments of our town halls, it also represents French identity and spirit.”

    There's been a mixed response to the mascots online, some loving the designs while others comparing them to the poop emoji.

  • Fans point out big difference between Australia and US's MasterChef shows

    Some MasterChef fans have been questioning why the judges on the Australian version are so nice.

    Of course, any judge will look a saint when compared to US counterpart Gordon Ramsey, who is known for his brutal assessment of contestants' cooking, but do Australia's judges need to get tougher on their hopefuls?

    Have your say below.

  • Man behind iconic logo dies aged 86

    Jerry West, the man who inspired one of the most recognisable sports logos in the world, has died at the age of 86.

    A silhouette of West, a 14-time All-star in the NBA, features on the organisation's iconic logo.

    "Jerry West was an incredible and unique individual, having accomplished immeasurable heights in the game of basketball," Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob said.

    Read more about his legacy here.

  • Huge bill to fix damaged roads in most populated Aussie state

    Potholes are the bane of many drivers' existence in Australia. according to the NRMA, problems with roads aren't going to be resolved anytime soon, well not in NSW anyway.

    That's because there is a combined $2.8 billion backlog of funding for road improvements in the state.

    NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury is calling on the state government to provide councils with more funding come budget day to fix the problem that has been exacerbated by heavy rainfall.

  • UK PM's bizarre Haribo remark ahead of election

    UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has raised eyebrows again with a remark he likely thought would endear him to the public.

    Earlier this week he was criticised for being out of touch after revealing he went without subscription TV as a child in a comparison to the hardship millions face today.

    And now during a live debate with Labour leader Keir Starmer ahead of the UK's general election in July, he said he is likeable because he eats Haribo and Twix bars.

    Unsurprisingly, there's been a wave of ridicule online.

  • Electric vehicle insurance costs surprise Aussies

    Electric vehicle prices are plummeting, but while the upfront price tag is coming down, there is still one area where electric car owners are being slugged with hefty costs.

    It is more expensive to insure an EV than it is to insure a combustion engine car and the difference can be hundreds to thousands of dollars as one Tesla driver recently flagged.

    He discovered it was $4,000 more to insure a Tesla than it was to cover his petrol Kia.

    The peak insurance body told Yahoo Finance there were a few factors that played into the higher premiums, including having to import parts from overseas when needed.

    Read more here.

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