Little girl's touching letter to police for catching 'drunk people'

It’s no secret that police work can often be a thankless task, so when one little girl penned some officers a heart-warming letter thanking them for catching “drunk people”, they couldn’t help but reply.

In a beautifully handwritten note, little Madison admitted she was a little scared when her mum was stopped for a random breath test, but that quickly changed.

“Today, I went through a breath test with my Mum and I was scared at first,” she wrote in a letter to Counties Manukau police in New Zealand.

“But then my mum told me you all are catching drunk people.

Little Madison said she was initially a little scared when her mum was pulled over for a random breath test. Source: Getty

“I just wanted to thank you for helping everybody because a few weeks ago my dad was crashed into by a drunk lady.

“Lucky he was okay!”

So touched by Madison’s letter, Auckland Police shared it on their Instagram account before they wrote their own response.

“Your handwriting is beautiful and I am impressed with your spelling,” their response read.

“I wish my handwriting was as pretty as yours.”

Source: Instagram/Auckland Police

The author of the letter said they were sorry to hear they gave her a bit of a fright and her dad been involved in an accident.

“We do try and stop drunk people from driving in order to keep them safe, as well as other people on the road like you and your family,” the author said.

“Luckily we were not too cold that night, we have merino jumpers like your school jumper that keeps us warm.

“I like to wear fluffy, fuzzy socks with my boots just in case.”

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