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Little girl's 'terrifying' description of imaginary friend goes viral

A little girl’s creepy description of her “imaginary mum” has gone viral after it was spotted in a magazine by an actress.

American actress Natalie Morales tweeted the bizarre picture of the feature article on children and their imaginary friends on Monday, which sent the internet into a frenzy.

In the section on “make-believe pals”, children are photographed with cute drawings of their imaginary friends, but it’s three-year-old Ruby who stood out from the rest.

The little girl is pictured holding up a stick-figure drawing. In the blurb beside the photo, Ruby describes the sketch of her “imaginary mum” named Grateful.

“Her yellow eyelashes mean she can see in the dark — she only comes to see me at night-time,” the child is quoted as saying.

“It scares me sometimes, but I always want her to come back.”

If that isn’t eerie enough, her story takes an more macabre turn.

“She has two babies in her belly. She’s 14, but can never have a birthday,” the quote continues.

Cute, or concerning? Morales certainly thought it to be the latter.

“Ruby, you have a ghost. This is straight up terrifying,” she tweeted with the pic.

In just three days, the tweet has already received almost 85,000 likes and has been shared more than 20,800 times.

It also received hundreds of comments from people’s freaked-out reactions, and and some of their own ghostly tales.

Among the comments was Morales’ own update: “Damnit i just realized the caption shoulda been “Ruby, you in danger girl.”