Little girl's 'beautiful' note and gesture for drought-stricken farmers

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A little girl has been praised for a sweet and selfless act in supporting drought-stricken farmers.

Ella’s mum, Renae, found an adorable note inside an envelope addressed to “farmers” in the kindergartener’s room in their Sydney home on Saturday night. Four bags of miscellaneous items were sitting next to it.

“Dear farmers, you have gotten four bags from Ella and I hope that you are safe and the kids will be happy,” the letter, written above a drawing of several love hearts, read.

The six-year-old had placed the envelope next to four shopping bags filled with her favourite toys and clothes, Renae explained.

“She said she wanted all the kids on the farm who are sad about their animals to feel special & happy like she does when she has her favourite things with her,” the mum told Yahoo News Australia.

Ella, 6, penned a kindhearted note to farmers and packed up some of her favourite clothes and toys to give away. Source: Renae

Ella also set up a table outside her family home trying to sell her toys to raise money for drought relief.

“I shed tears and was really emotional when I saw her note,” Renae said.

The family have friends living on a farm in Nyngan, in central NSW, who are currently doing it tough.

“Ella is so kind hearted and empathetic,” she said.

After sharing her daughter’s special gesture to a Facebook group for drought-stricken communities, hundreds of people expressed their appreciation.

The kind letter wished for the farmer's happiness and safety. Source: Renae

“This is just the sweetest. You are raising a beautiful daughter,” one person wrote in a comment.

“How adorable. What a big heart for a little girl. More people should be as kind as her,” someone else said.

“How thoughtful for such a young little girl. Can you please thank her for thinking about us farmers, it’s these little things that brighten our day,” a third wrote.

Earlier this month parts of NSW and Queensland received some much-needed rainfall which sparked widespread celebrations and families sharing their joy on social media.

Other sections of drought-stricken communities have also spoken out about the harsh conditions and how it is taking a toll on the economy of small towns.

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