Dejected girl fined for lemonade stand swamped with job offers

Job offers are flooding in for a little English girl, traumatised when an overzealous council officer slugged her with a $246 fine over he lemonade stand.

Andre Spicer said his five-year-old daughter was left in tears after local council officers fined her £150 (AU$246 ) for selling lemonade without a licence near their home in London.

The Tower Hamlets Council promptly backed down but the frightened young entrepreneur was not sure she wanted to continue in the lemonade game after her brush with the law.

The little entrepreneur was left in tears after being hit with a fine. Photo: Andre Spicer

"I think initially she was a bit shocked and sad," Mr Spicer said after the incident.

"And then I suggested we try it again with a permit. And she said: 'Oh, it's a bit scary'."

While Andre's daughter may have been disheartened, her fledgling work ethic has impressed plenty of others upset by her run in with her local council.

Among them, The Independent reports, was Redhead Day UK 2018, which offered to make the young girl their guest of honour for their ginger celebrations.
Her family has now tweeted she's received an inlux of offers to come and set up her stand at "dozens of festivals".

“We hope they’ll extend the invitation to others who’d love to make a stand," Mr Spicer wrote.

“Children could sell home-made lemonade, hand-drawn comics or vegetables they have grown.

“Young people could do more than sell things, like sharing films or music they’ve created, or gaining support from their local club."

Tower Hamlets Council quickly rescinded the girl's fine and apologised for its officer overstepping the bounds of common sense.