Lithuania approves millions for air defense radars to support Ukraine


Lithuania approved the allocation of EUR 13.5 million ($14.5 million) to purchase air surveillance radars, Lithuanian Defense Minister Laurynas Kasčiūnas said, the Lithuanian news LRT reported on May 29.

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These radars will contribute to the German-led air defense coalition for Ukraine. 

"Germany has given Ukraine their third Patriot system and other systems, so we are contributing what we can in response," Kasčiūnas said.

Lithuania plans to send four radars to Ukraine in 2024.

"They will enhance warning, visibility, and the ability to destroy aerial targets," he said.

"We’ll continue to purchase radars because Ukraine needs them; they themselves have identified this need."

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Germany has launched a global initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defense. The Netherlands and Denmark are also considering financial support for this initiative.

At a meeting in Italy on April 19, G7 foreign ministers pledged to help Ukraine strengthen its air defenses.

Politico previously reported that Germany's initiative stalled because other countries were unwilling to provide their air defense systems to Kyiv.

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