The It List: Chris Hemsworth is saving sharks, 'Gossip Girl' is back and more pop culture highlights for the week

Looking for pop culture recommendations? We've got you covered. This week, Nat Geo is launching six weeks of SharkFest programming with a Chris Hemsworth-hosted special called Shark Beach. Over on HBO Max, Gossip Girl is launching with a new generation of New York City private school kids, and CNN has a new docuseries called History of the Sitcom.

Video transcript

- The IT List is Yahoo's weekly look at the best in pop culture. Here are our picks for the week of July 5th. When Thor isn't helping the Avengers save the world, he apparently spends his time saving sharks. Nat Geo's Shark Beach features Australian actor, surfer, and super hero, Chris Hemsworth, on a journey to learn more about the much misunderstood predators. The documentary will help kick off the Network's six week long SharkFest slate of programming.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH: Over the last 50 years there has been a 70% drop in the number of sharks in the world's oceans. The cause is our overexploitation of the sea. I want to find out if we can live together without doing each other harm.

- Gossip Girl is back. The HBO Max reboot promises a next generation cast of beautiful people and a return to the glomerulus and cutthroat teenage social scene of a private school on New York's Upper East Side where everyone is living under the watchful eye and constant threat of the anonymous Gossip Girl Instagram account.

- Why is Gossip Girl hard to get us?

- I'm not just known, I'm influential. And I can't have that taken away from me.

- Privilege and power will always win in the end.

- CNN is taking a look at sitcoms over the decades with a docuseries called History Of The Sitcom. The series focuses on the ways sitcoms have evolved to reflect Americans changing lives and features interviews with over 180 sitcom stars. And of course, how can you talk about sitcoms without talking about their theme songs?

VICKI LAWRENCE: Where's a good theme song nowadays?

JOHN CRYER: Who can turn the world on with her smile.

GAVIN MACLEOD: Love is all around, and you can take it.

ED ASNER: You;re gonda make it after all.


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