Lin murder accused Robert Xie released on bail

Robert Xie, who is accused of the 2009 Lin family murders, has applied to be released on bail.

Robert Xie, who is accused of murdering five members of his brother-in-law's family, has been released on bail.

The Crown alleges Xie murdered his brother-in-law Min "Norman" Lin, 45, Mr Lin's wife, Yun "Lily" Li Lin, 44, and their sons Henry, 12, and Terry, nine.

He is also alleged to have killed Lily's sister, 39-year-old Yun Bin "Irene" Lin.

The judge outlined her reasons for granting bail over an hour, stating her decision relied heavily on a psychological report that Xie was suffering depression, anxiety and stress.

From the report it was clear that Xie's psychological condition will only improve if he stays with family, the judge said.

Xie has pleaded not guilty to the murders.

Last week the jury in his long-running trial was discharged after they were unable to reach a verdict.

Xie will face another trial in Sydney early next year.

The 51-year-old yesterday applied to be released on bail before Justice Elizabeth Fullerton.

News break – December 8